Monday, July 14, 2008

Double Anchovy Pizza!

So the wife is out of town for the week, so first of all I miss my first volleyball game of the night - turns out she reminds me of stuff like that... who'd have known...

I made the second and third games, though, by going straight from work - played in my work shorts... a little formal for sand volleyball, but I'm a bold fashionista.

So I get home, and what sounds good for dinner... Ah! I know! Something I could never eat with Melissa around - Double Anchovy Pizza. Yes, that's right... fishy salty fishy fish on a pizza.

I tell you, anchovies are a vastly under-rated pizza topping. The second they come out of the little red keep-it-warm bag that the delivery guy carries, you know you're in for something powerful.

And powerful they are. There is no fooling around here; the house smells like anchovies... the parts of the pizza that the anchovy doesn't touch tastes like anchovy... and when you bite it - oh yeah.

Gross? Whatever. You like Ceasar salad? Good Ceasar salad? Yeah, that's anchovy that gives it the kick. I'm just going old school, and hitting the funky fish straight up.


Happy now, time to chill a little and do it all again tomorrow (turns out I can't eat an entire medium pizza by myself anymore!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Successful Bachelorette Party

So Jenn's bachelorette party was a success, which means today was all about working off the hangover. (Yes, I went to a bachelorette party... I am a bridesmaid after all...)

Dinner at Cafe Luna, where the waitress seemed determined to make our check as small as possible - pushing us right towards entrees, skipping the whole appetizer and salad thing... Started things off with a couple of bottles of wine...

Then off to the piano bar at Rum Runners. If you've never been to a piano bar, it's definitely worth the experience. Smoky, loud, and definitely crude... but funny and fun as well. Tunes to sing along to at the top of your lungs, and nobody cares. Lots of comments on and fun with our t-shirts, which advertised our "roles"... bride, matron of honor, stevie the bridesmaid, and wife of a bridesmaid.

Many beers, some shots, and some dares later we moved the party over to Napper Tandy's, where at about 1am surprise! A stripper shows up! From what I hear, it was entertaining. I somehow skipped that part.

So by 3am, we're all pretty well toasted. Jenn about passes out (certainly loses the ability to walk) on the way back to the car... somehow made it home without "incident". I'm sure she's feeling great today... I know I am.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Post From Da Phone...

About bed-time now, but just had to see if it was indeed possible to make these words magically go from my phone to the big bad world-wide tube-web out there.

I don't know if all this technology is making our lives better, but it sure is fun!

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Hello World!

Hi all!

So just to set the stage, I don't have visions of changing the world with this blog... I'm not an amazing writer, nor a pundit for our times...

Just wanted to be able to record my thoughts, occasionally vent about something that's on my mind, and hopefully celebrate little moments here and there.

My intention is to use this both from my iPhone and a computer; if a post is 10 words and maybe a picture, it's from the phone... if it's a 2 page rant about something, it's definitely posted from home the old fashioned way.

For what it's worth, I absolutely welcome comments, criticisms, and exotic gifts.