Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 is gone!!!

Wow -- that year went fast.

Rather than a retrospective, I thought I'd publicly post my intentions for 2010... in no particular order, I plan to:
  • Spend more time with friends. Host some gatherings, help organize/spur a couple more.
  • See a new place -- go somewhere I've never been, perhaps do something there I've never done.
  • Exercise a bit more, drink a bit less (hey, no reason to overdo it, right?!!)
  • Build 3 pieces of furniture for the house. Now that I have the shop all set up, there's no reason I can't make this happen...
  • Learn to turn! (Wood-turning.) Got the lathe, got some instructional books, and I am so psyched to learn a new skill! This actually leads to my next intention:
  • Post some blog entries. Not because you care, but because if I "live out loud" a bit, I believe it will keep me motivated to make a little more use of my time this year. On that topic, I intend to write about this whole process of learning to turn on the lathe... as of today, I know almost nothing about it... but I have a feeling this will be something I get deeply into and try to become a master at. So... why not post about it, so I can look back and see how far I've come.
Thanks to all who have made this a great 2009. Let's make the next one even better.