Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Status Update May 2012

More color will eventually return to this blog. For now, nuts and bolts...

As many already know, we're moving back to Raleigh, NC. If all holds to plan, we are leaving Colorado on June 11th (some by plane, some heading out on a cross-country road trip).

Bought a house in Raleigh next door to my sister Jenny, which is merely step one in creating a Reaser Family Commune. (Step 4 is to move the commune to Colorado, btw.)

The company I'm creating here in Boulder is budding. Very very close to launching with real live paying customers, and it looks like we have a solid shot at making some big things happen.

We have an offer in progress on our home in Colorado; assuming that all works out, I clearly will need to spend at least some time out here working on the company -- so I've secured an apartment and will fly out every 2-3 weeks for about 4 days... enough time to make great things happen here and stay engaged with the amazing Boulder startup ecosystem... but balanced with time with immediate and extended family in Raleigh.

So it comes time to launch into a dual life.

Home, family, and more family in NC... and Work, Boulder ecosystem, and occasional bliss-in-the-outdoors in Colorado.

Game on.