Friday, September 23, 2011


Went out with Sydney to get the mail this week, and look what we found on our front porch! 

Little guy is about 8 inches long, and shakes his tail like a rattlesnake -- though there is no rattle to be seen and his head doesn't look like a rattler...

A little Googling leads me to believe that he's a "Night snake", non-poisonous and in fact very docile and easy to "tame". He's been sunning out on our porch, so he's pretty active... but I give it a go: yeah he tries to bite me. Twice. (Just little love-nips, right??)

 Sydney, by the way? LOVES IT! Wants to pick it up, love it and rub it and name it George. No fear in that little girl.

So we look around a bit more, and check out the crack at the side of the concrete porch... and lo and behold -- there's another one!

And wait, another head in there... is that 3? 4?

Last count, we have 7 little Night Snakes living on our front porch... they've been there for the last 3 days now and show no signs of leaving...

Which is fine by the way -- I think they're awesome, and Sydney is still excited when she sees them. If I can get George (I named the first one George) to calm down with the nipping a little bit, maybe one of these days Sydney can hold him...

Colorado rocks!

Horses... snakes... groundhogs... dragon flies (and almost no mosquitos)... and mountains whenever you look West, which does something for the soul.

(Now if we can just get out and play more!!!)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving week is over...

Whew! The past couple of weeks have been packed with packing, loading, driving, driving, driving, flying, visiting, flying again, and then unpacking and starting to settle in. Some thoughts...

All worth it! The new backyard...

To pack up properly, you have to handle everything you own. Every. Single. Thing. There's nothing like putting a 4-bedroom house into boxes to make you say "what the @$% is wrong with me that I own this much junk???"


The first 1/2 to 2/3 of loading the truck is enjoyable; like playing Tetris in fact. Lots of work, but with the right folks around (and we had amazing folks helping us!) it goes pretty smoothly. Then at some point things start to deteriorate... you end up with Seussian piles of items that don't quite stack properly; propped up with the odd rake or barstool... you know that it won't really survive the that way, but at some point you stop caring.

The last 1/10 of your stuff takes FOREVER... there's always one more bucket, one more pile of miscellanea, one more drawer taunting you as you try to finish up. Things go in plastic trash bags by now, and more than one item may have accidentally (cough) been thrown away at this point.

We attached the bulkhead (big plywood "door") in the trailer, and threw a few more things over top of it, to make sure that when we unload there is a significant avalanche of debris. By now it is 10pm on the night before pickup, and there is constant lightning and thunder around us (did I forget to mention we finished up in a thunderstorm? Fitting).

Flying With Kids

If you're traveling with a lap-child, bring a copy of the birth certificate. We didn't, and the agent decided to pretend that Sydney might be 2+ years old and might need to buy a ticket. "FAA rules" they say, but I know many others that have flown recently without such child ID, so either:

a) This agent was completely lying about it being a FAA rule, or
b) It's a rule, but nobody enforces it except for this douchebag at Southwest.

Trekking through the airport with 4 large bags, a kid, and a stroller turns out to be not so bad, actually. (If you are laughing at the 4 large bags comment you have never seen how much gear babies require.)

Eventually we got on the plane Sydney's first flight! She was amazing. She got antsy, but managed to hang on for the whole 3.5 hours without screaming like most kids seem to do on the plane. Even got a nap in my arms... and when we landed and taxied around for what seemed like an hour, she squealed with delight at seeing other planes on the tarmac.

You keep calling this "home" but I know better.
New Place

Sydney's face says it all.

She was such a trooper about the whole thing. We spent the first night out here in a hotel, and she gamely explored the room all day and night. When we got to this place, it was just another much bigger hotel room to explore...

Of course once we started unloading things from the truck, especially all her toys and her crib, she warmed up to the place and I think feels at home here already.

There are still a few things missing from the place... but at this point I'm declaring it completely "functional". At right is my current desk, for example... nothing wrong with that, right???

At least we have internet back.

A whole house without furniture? No biggie. No internet except for on our phones? AAUGGH!!!

Weird how much of a difference that makes. First world problem, I know, but that's the way I feel.

More to come; but I wanted to say that we made it, safe and sound, and are looking forward to exploring our new town, mountains, and indeed Colorado.