Sunday, July 25, 2010

Working on the crib...

So with the wife due around 9/22 it is now officially a race between the little one and me building the crib.

Just been so distracted with the kitchen and other house stuff... But I've got a good start on the crib and I'm feeling pretty confident at this point.

Various pieces-parts below:

Spent a few hours this weekend working on the spindles, which actually make up the bulk of the whole project as each one needed to be made flat, made thinner, rough cut out, face sanded, trimmed to exact shape via a jig and router, rounded off, and hand sanded... And I had to make 52 yes 52 of them!

Here's me working with the little jig I built to make them all the exact right profile:

Yes, I wear gloves when I woodwork. Protects the hands, and makes me feel a bit like a biker so there is that extra badass mojo in the shop...

Here are 52 spindles, waiting for the rounding-over step...

Few more days in the shop, and this thing should be under control.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tile progress!!

At last, we are making progress again! After about a month of waiting and several missed appointments, they came and did a full full days work on the tile backsplash.

Here's what it looked like this morning:

And now:

Woo hoo! Really turns the kitchen up to 11.

Grout tomorrow and seal thursday... And we are back to a fully functional kitchen.

(ceiling painting, touch-up, and lighting to do.... But most of that can happen whenever....)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Zucchini parmesan

So look what we found in the garden!

Decided to turn it into zucchini parmesan... Turned out pretty darn good! Of course if you put that much cheese on it, how can you go wrong!

Felt great to eat dinner mostly out of the garden...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kitchen progress pics...

So to catch up a bit... The kitchen is almost done. The floor (in both the kitchen and utility room) are tiled and I think it came out awesome. The people doing the work really took the time to make all the cuts as perfect as they could... They truly cared about their work as if it was a piece of art... True craftsmen. As a result we didn't need to use any molding around the edges! Wow...

Putting the tile in on an angle like this was the designers call... But great call. Really adds to the look. The head tile guy thought of doing the 2" border strip - it's great working with people like that who build on each others ideas to do great stuff.

I've painted most of the walls chocolate brown, and done all he trim work... The cutout in the blue part above is because I had to run power from the right cabinets (for lights) over to the left one -- because the idiot GC who we fired didn't think we wanted lights everywhere... Sure, who wouldn't put in lights just in part of the kitchen and leave big pools of shadow in other parts. Of course thats what we wanted.

Now I've just got to patch and sand the wall over the stove and paint that... This coming week the backsplash tile goes in (which I'm super excited about) and then I can hang the hood and we're basically done... The lighting can happen whenever, really... I'll probably just do that part myself after the crib is finished.