Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby Formula Calculator

We have had to experiment with different concentrations of baby formula; oddly enough I could not find an online calculator to let me easily figure out how much water and formula to mix to obtain the concentration (calories per ounce) that I wanted.

So I made this -- I hope you find it useful! (Use arrow keys to navigate.)

This formula calculator assumes that your formula follows the same "standard" that I've seen on every formula I've checked; that is, 1 scoop of formula per 2 oz of water to create formula with 20 calories per ounce.

On the formula cans I checked, this "caloric density" was stated in the nutrition area as 100 calories per 5 oz serving. They also stated that each scoop of formula added 0.2 oz to the final volume; so that's what I used in the calculations.

This calculator lets you run the numbers 3 different ways:

1) If you are trying to hit a particular total number of calories with a particular caloric density -- for example if you are making up a pitcher for the day -- the first row should do the trick. Just enter your calorie target and desired concentration in the green cells.

2) As a variation on #1, if you have already figured out that you plan to use a particular number of scoops of formula and know the caloric density you need, try the second version.

2) If, instead, you want to find out what caloric density a particular combination of water and scoops would yield, the third row has you covered.

If you find this useful please drop me a comment! (Also if there are any other calculation variations that you would find extremely helpful, let me know and I'll improve the calculator if I can.)